Yoga Detox – Rainbeau Mars

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Class Details:
Yoga Detox

Yoga Detox with Rainbeau Mars a unique detoxifying Yoga exercise that is designed to release toxins, enhance circulation and tone the arms, legs, abs, chest and butt through a series of effective stretching and toning poses. Increase flexibility, burn fat, and build lean muscle with World-Renowned Yoga Expert, Author, and Actress, Rainbeau Mars as she helps you to open the hips & chest, release the spine, and massage the internal organs to release harmful stress and toxins from the body. Learn to allow your body to gracefully surrender as you breathe into that which feels stuck and walk the path of least resistance.


I believe that together we can be part of the solution and see our lives be filled with peace and not the endless suffering. I see a world in which the garden returns to our homes and lives and we remember what we are custodians of.
I am praying for a world where there is enough healthy food for everyone to be nourished and where kids grow up in peaceful environments.