Yin and Yang vs. Masculine and Feminine – John Hoelle

Admin 2019 Wisdom Village

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Class Details:

Discuss a model for mapping the esoteric Yin and Yang energies over either gender. Open up your conception of the characteristics of masculinity and femininity, and explore the ascendent Yin masculine and Yang feminine. Discuss how this framework can improve your relationships with others and with yourself. Men, women, and all are welcome.


John Hoelle is a family attorney and couples mediator, and co-founder of Conscious Family™ Law & Mediation LLC. He speaks and facilitates workshops on the topic of forging extraordinary relationships, and has been quoted by online publishers and podcasts such as Thriveworks, Sparefoot, and The Next Leaders. He plays electric bass in Bhakti Explosion alongside his life partner Katie Wise. More at consciousfamilyfirm.com.