Admin 2018 Children's Village

Using her enchanting harp & bodhran, Xerephine will then loop up a storm or bathe you delightful electronic blissful bass. Or perhaps she will open her book of Fairytales and tell you a story…..her voice is like no other, her harp is magical and her fables are from far far away. Born and raised in the UK she carries celtic undertones and plays in an array of styles from upbeat ambient dance to entrancing meditative soundscapes. There is always something to dive into. Activism and a thirst for healing the earth and its inhabitants weaves its way through her lyrical web and lies at the heart of many of her songs.

“Xerephine’s music is creative and refreshing. Hypnotic songs dipped in magic and steeped in beauty . I love it. “
-Kurt Bauman (Sea Stars, Kan’nal and Adam Freeland Live Band)