Wish Dance, an Immersive Performance – Khiri Lee

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Wish Dance, an Immersive Performance

“Think of a wish. No wish is too big or too small. Let your Wish lead you on a Dance. Feel where this wish lives in your skin…” Every Wish is gift and ripples out farther than we can even fathom. Manifest your intentions for the festival, or ground your learnings from the weekend at the Healing Village Wishing Well in a guided community performance lead by performance artist Khiri Lee.

Khiri Lee is a performer, dancer, installation artist, and mixed media painter. Her work is heavily influenced by improvisational forms and is process-oriented. Over the last 10 years her work has ranged wildly, from street theatre to large multimedia performances to costume design. She recently performed her first solo show, Red Shoes, as part of the Boulder International Fringe Festival, and presented a multimedia installation in Missoula, MT at the annual Enchanted Forest event. She has a BA in Art History and 10+ years experience using community theatre to educate and create safe environments for the next generation of artists, performers, and leaders to express themselves.