Wisdom Village is a convergence place to gather together, share resources, make new friends, and alliances, give thanks to Creator and Creatress, to honor our Ancestors, and the collective Wisdom in all our Lineages.

Here we experience our shared humanity and the differences that allow us to co-create in amazing ways. Here we sing, share stories, and gather together at the ceremonial fire, and water temple which fuel the divine fire and flow in each and every heart gathered.

We provide a safe harbor for landing and launching. Respite, prayer, recalibration, renewal, and revelry are all here too. We amplify that which calls all cultures to worship, to prayer, to commune and explore the underlying foundation of the divine masculine and feminine as it operates in each and every one of us. We call in the elemental energies of the 7 directions… the earth, the fire, the air, the water, the above, below and within.

Our ARISE family honors the wisdom of each and every individual regardless of age, race, ability, gender, or theological orientation. We invite you to come get to know one another and share tea at our Tea Temple or participate in the many workshops in the Moon Lodge, Community Air Temple, and the Sun Lodge. We also have  the Goddess Grove a safe space camping place for all self identified women, The Cosmic Collective, Blind Cafe and The Temple of Emergence featuring our host Sunrise Ranch's residents offering their gifts!  Stop by the Sacred Fire anytime as it is tended 24/7, share a song, make a prayer offering , and tap into our collective spirit. 

* Wisdom Village is a G-rated, Family Friendly and substance-free zone.


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