Wisdom Village Opening and Closing Fire Ceremony

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Opening Fire Ceremony Friday 9 am / Closing Fire Ceremony Monday 1:30 am

Honoring beginnings and endings is a potent way to connect to our personal intentions, collective prayers, Mother Earth, Father Sky, the elementals and one another. Join us as we light the fire, the hearth at the center of our festival where for hundreds of thousands years our ancestors, and human family have gathered to call upon the sacred, celebrate, grieve, and share stories. We honor our ancestors, our future generations and the transformational power of the fire. Dancing flames have secrets to share… Throughout the festival this fire will be tended… each morning you are invited to Sing up the Sun as the first rays touch our holy grounds. There will be offerings set before you; sage, cedar, lavender, tobacco, eucalyptus, rice and tumeric. Fire ceremonies are common to all cultures and it is our intention to honor and learn from all traditions as we share human to human, heart to heart, eye to eye and song by song in the spirit of Unity.
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