Wisdom Village Creatress and Festival Ceremonial Co-ordinator – Ahva Lenay

Admin 2019 Wisdom Village

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Community Circle

For 7 years, since our first ARISE festival it has been my privilege, honor and joy to be a co-creator with this amazing team of visionaries, earth stewards, wisdom keepers, organizers, producers, presenters, ceremonialists and celebrants. To help catalyze the changes we need on the planet to bring regeneration from the impulse of our heart and souls with other amazing change agents is the hardest work and and greatest joy I have ever experienced outside of being mama and grandmother to my beautiful family, blood and chosen… many who you will certainly find on site building this village of wisdom hand in hand!

This year you can find me mostly on site at Wisdom Village, at the Opening Parade and Ceremony on Friday, Hosting Rhythm Sanctuary Ecstatic Dance Ritual with Pöranguí on Saturday, co-hosting the Cacao Ceremony with Brigitte and Lovelight, presenting with the Amazing Animals Living Tarot at Children’s Village, co-facilitating a community circle (hope to see you there) “The Sun and Moon” ~ From Duality to Polarity .. and lastly and mostly, randomly dancing, blessing, being blessed, and searching for bumblebees along the pathways from here to there!


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