Tubby Love and Amber Lily

Admin 2019 Music

Tubby Love’s physical, spiritual, and musical transformation has been a testimony to the power of human evolution. Since childhood, Amber Lily could be found humming in the garden. Music has been their catalyst for deepening their connection to life and a bridge for sharing their journey with others. Calling the island of Kauai home has set forth a Roots Family movement involving regenerative land and energy practices connecting communities inter-island and worldwide. Tubby and Amber have been blessed to create a soundtrack for this movement alongside artists like Nahko and Medicine For The People, Rising Appalachia, Trevor Hall, Mike Love, as well as other artists with a similar message. In a time of much needed change, Tubby Love and Amber Lily are unifying the people through music and addressing real issues to inspire solutions.

“You’d be hard-pressed to find an artist as overtly making music for the right reasons…” – John Powell, Angelica Music