Third Street Chai

Admin 2016 Festival Sponsors

“Since 1995, Third Street Chai has joined the leagues of the most loved chai in the nation. We’re not feigning humility by saying we’re not quite sure how it happened – because even though we’ve grown, we haven’t changed. We still make everything we sell, just like we used to (guess the pots are a little bigger, now that you mention it). From sourcing to blending to brewing to biking to work, it still happens right here in Boulder. And it’s gonna stay that way.”

Third Street Chai prides itself on using whole, fresh, all-natural, Fair Trade ingredients; ingredients that hail from places such as Sri Lanka, Egypt, Indonesia, and Trinidad.  Not only do they use the best of the best ingredients, they do their part to know everything about the farmers, the environment and living standards of each location, and make sure that they only do business with people that their customers would want to do business with.

And that’s why we do business with Third Street Chai, because we would want nothing less for the ARISE family!