The Sacred Dance of Mars and Venus – Abby Moon

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Class Details:

Inspired by the archetypes and astrological influences of Mars and Venus, this exploration of duality, balance, and harmony will take us on a creative journey into the expressions of the divine male and female principles through dance. Led by Abby Moon & Asche Helling of Crescent Dance Project, this workshop will take participants through the creative exercises used to create the ritual dance for Arise Opening Ceremony. You will explore how these energies can be expressed in your body, as well as learn the choreography from Opening Ceremony. During the weekend of Arise 2019, Mars, Venus, and the Sun are all conjunct in Leo, a beautiful time to explore and express these qualities with each other for the healing of all.

Featured Instructors:

ABBY MOON is a tribal fusion bellydancer currently living in Denver, CO. In 2000 she grew her roots in American Tribal Style Bellydance while studying with Portland’s Gypsy Caravan, then moved to NYC in 2004 where she helped establish the emerging tribal bellydance scene there. In New York Abby danced with Alchemy Tribal Collective, P.U.R.E. (Public Urban Ritual Experiment), Solstice Tribe, and LUNARIS, performing at festivals and venues across the country with those troupes for 11 years. After moving to Colorado in 2015, Abby started Crescent Dance Project, and has performed with her company and as a soloist locally and internationally. Abby teaches a weekly tribal fusion bellydance class in Denver, as well as a variety of workshop series exploring spiritual themes through dance. Her unique style of tribal fusion bellydance is inspired by ritual and sacred dance expressions grounded in tribal electronic music, and her choreographies use symbolic movements reflecting her interest in astrology, deity archetypes, and sacred geometry. Connect with her here:

ASCHE HELLING is a martial artist, actress, and dancer living in Denver, CO. Her study of Bujinkan Ninjutsu and Yoshin Ryu Jujutsu began in 2003 and has deeply informed her embodiment and dance. She has served as a combat instructor, leadership workshop facilitator, and a catalyst of sensory awareness for those seeking to embrace their inner fire and sovereign warrior spirit. Asche began performing with The Crescent Dance Project in 2018. The martial flavor of her movement and decades of shamanic spiritual practice serve to inform and compliment the vision of the troupe. Her personal exploration of androgyny is also expressed in her choreography contributions.

She is an active proponent of growth through movement and seeks to encourage the signature dance that lives within every being.