“The Body Now”: Embracing the Power of Play – Khiri Lee

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Title of Workshop
“The Body Now”: Embracing the Power of Play

Workshop Description
Spend an hour in delicious retreat moving and playing with Turning the Wheel. Our deep body wisdom remembers the importance of play and through improvisational movement and playful community games we can tap into our innate creativity together. Let out your inner child to play, dance, sing, laugh, and move! Learn easeful practices to re-integrate the healing potential of play back into your daily routine. Activate a sense of well-being as wells as new pathways in your brain by moving spontaneously, possibly moving a new way you’ve never done before! You will emerge with a smile and a renewed sense of yourself!

Khiri Lee has been playing, growing, and learning with Turning the Wheel for over 10 years. She has co-facilitated dozens of workshops in the “The Body Now” model bringing smiles to people from all walks of life. As well as being a master of improvisational play she is a mixed-media artist, street performer, avid dancer and Co-Directs Turning the Wheel’s Youth Outreach Project in Los Angeles, CA. Turning the Wheel (TTW) is a national nonprofit passionate about employing the expressive arts to encourage a collective ethic of caring for others and ourselves, while fostering healthy, creative communities. Since 1989, TTW has touched the lives of over 75,000 people in 15 cities and more than 1000 schools and organizations.