The Blind Cafe Darkness Dome

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Class Details:

8-10 pm – Music in the Dark – Rosh & Blind Cafe Orchestra
10:30 – 11 pm – Sound Bath in the Dark – Sunjay & Pray of Cosmic Collective

8-10 pm – Music in the Dark – Rosh & Blind Cafe Orchestra
10:30 – 11:00 pm – Harp in the Dark – Jordan Ashtree McCallum

8-10 pm – Music in the Dark – Rosh & Blind Cafe Orchestra
10:30 – 11:30 pm – Yoga in the Dark

Blind Cafe Music in the Dark Description
Come experience music like you haven’t before… in 100% darkness. Our mission is to transform the quality of how people relate to themselves and others. By engaging people socially in 100% darkness, without the distractions of visual conditioning, social etiquette, and cell phones, we’re exploring how we impact ourselves and others. Featuring Rosh & The Blind Cafe Orchestra, and special guests.

Rosh & Blind Cafe Orchestra Bio
Since 2010, Rosh & The Blind Cafe Orchestra has specialized in performing in the complete and total pitch dark at Blind Cafe events across the USA. Rosh, an American songwriter, born in Boston, MA, stumbled upon a temporary ‘cafe in the dark’ while on tour in 2007 in Reykjavik Iceland. It was so dark, he could not even see his hands in front of his face. It was then that he dreamed up the idea of creating positive social change experiences in the dark, intended to help people ‘see’ their world from a new perspective.

Yoga in the Dark, Sound Bath in the Dark, & Harp in the Dark Descriptions
Come experience yoga & sound baths in a way that you never have before.. in 100% darkness! These experiences will focus on diving deep into your own mind and body. What will you discover?


Featured Instructors: