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Long Beach, California

TGX is a music collective made up of guitar players, drummer, and illustrator.

They first came together in Brooklyn, NY – when Slagletron (the illustrator) met Ramsey (the songwriter)

While Ramsey was on tour. The creative chemistry was there, and with that TGX was born. These artists began building their project around DADAISM and collage. Musically creating songs using recycled samples and old vinyl, and visually using discarded images and magazines.

In 2018 the duo relocated to Long Beach, CA where they now work with Turtle (guitarist) who also happens to be Ramsey’s half brother. They’ve recently incorporated a drummer to enhance their live experience. They continue to work with concepts like DADAISM, Futurism, and using those to create raw, and lively shows mixed with electronic and ambient sounds.

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