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Class Details:

The Temple of Emergence is a new addition to Wisdom Village this year. Hosted by the Sunrise Ranch community, we will be sharing the gifts and talents of our community in a mixture of workshops, meditations, healing space, creative expression and evening sacred tea ceremony. As we move into a living paradigm of connected oneness and out of separation, there are many new realities emerging in consciousness and being born in form. Join us to explore, honor and celebrate all that is emerging in our shared experience. Humanity Arise.

– Sunrise Tent at ARISE –

2-3:30 pm Sacred Energy: Art of Attunement w/Jane Anitrini / Experience an energy medicine practice that opens up gateways for renewal through the endocrine glands. Learn a daily consciousness practice for personal wellbeing and empowerment. Join in a meta-practice that empowers the healing work of medical professionals and therapists. These are core principles of emotional intelligence that change people’s lives.
4–4:45pm Developing Appreciosity: Mindfulness and Heartfulness Meditation w/Atom Terpening/ Interactive workshop to activate the power of appreciation, come back to the senses, and release your inner joy through guided meditation, group expressions, and brief interactions with each other in an air of openness and respect
5-5:45pm CosmoForm Partner Meditation w/Oren Yahkovee/ The Form Reality Practice is a profound vehicle of Awakening and Self-Mastery.  It brings Real Presence and New Consciousness into all aspects of Life. The Form opens you up to the Deep and unites formless and formed Consciousness. In The Form, deeper openings in Being and in the body become truly possible. You begin to move in Life in an integrated way. Every time you dance The Form, you have new insight, new vision, new passion and new Life. As Awareness, you bring new levels of Consciousness into your self-development. The transmission in The Form awakens and realigns you to your own Pure Being. It is a frequency that forever expresses deeper Realisation
6-7:00pm Become Beloved w/Connie Baxter Marlowe and Andrew Cameron Bailey/ “We are Love. We are Lover. We are Beloved.” There’s a party going on and we are all invited. How do we get there? It’s a short yet challenging journey from the head to the heart. Change your assumptions and the world changes with you. There’s another ball game with new rules. Want to play? Come to the party. A Trust Frequency Synergy with Connie and Andrew as they guide a journey that resolves the paradoxes that keep us from fulfilling our role in the conscious, loving, abundant Universe. On this journey we align our minds with our hearts’ inner knowing through meditation and new information. This enables us to take bold committed action from the place of total Trust, transforming our Reality. We heal the split in our psyches. We shift from victim to Beloved. We move into The Trust Frequency where the laws are expanded and there exists more beauty, balance and abundance than we can fathom.
8pm- Sacred Tea Ceremony w/Lana Roach/ Come, be in this sacred space for our evening tea ceremony. Make new connections in this heavenly atmosphere. Relax and tune into the subtle energies of the plants as tea. This is a modern take on an old tradition. You are welcome to come and go throughout the evening.

10-11am Yoga w/ Sound Meditation ~ w/Dot Voutrista and Catherine Munk /Be prepared to move some energy in this rigorous Vinyasa Flow practice. We will flow for the first half, cool down with some Yin inspired moves the second half, and with a beautiful meditation and sound healing by Catherine Munk. You don’t want to miss this!
12-1:30pm Medicine Cards and Dances of Universal Peace ~ w/Soma Hunter/ We will create a sacred ceremony together and have an experience of the cards as messengers of the Great Spirit of Love. The Dome at Sunrise Ranch is an auditorium where we hold our Sunday morning services and other special events. The Dome was built in the 1970s by friends who came from around the world to create this remarkable auditorium. It is a home for live acoustic music that lifts the spirit and nourishes the soul; a place for public lectures by global thought leaders; and a chapel for the Sunrise Ranch community.
2-3:30pm Sacred Energy: Art of Attunement ~ w/Jane Anitrini
4-5:30pm Healing Chant and Primal Spirituality w/ David Karchere/Healing Chant works with the parts of the human experience that need mending, and draws on our innate spiritual resources to promote wholeness and well-being for us and for our world. It is an energy medicine practice that focuses spiritual emanation through the hands, in combination with the voice, to create a radiant collective energetic field. Primal Spirituality is the innate spirituality of humankind. This is the reality behind all the world’s religions and spiritual paths. It is the key to our conscious function as creators, and our access to Universal Love. And it is the remedy for the ignorance, dysfunction and self-sabotage that afflicts humanity. Primal Spirituality courses teach enlightened principles of emotional and spiritual intelligence.
6-7:30pm Open Space for Healers
8pm- Sacred Tea & Cacao Ceremony w/Lana Roach
9:30-10:30am Introduction to Ayurveda w/Courtney Bohl/Ayurveda, known as the “Science of Life”, is the oldest continually practiced health-care system in the world.  It was developed more than 3,000 years ago in India.  It’s based on the idea that health and wellness depend on a balance between mind, body, and spirit.  Come together to learn about the different Dosha’s and how to bring greater balance and longevity into your own life.
11-12pm Sunday Service in the Dome w/David Karchere and Sunrise Community
2-3:30pm Order of the Sacred Earth w/Bob Warner and Noel Marshall/The Order of the Sacred Earth is an inter-generational community of sacred activists who have vowed to be the best lovers and defenders of the Earth that we can be. We invite you to join us for a spirit-lead discussion of what participating in such an Order can mean in YOUR life and what this commitment into deeper engagement can mean for humanity, all sentient beings and our Mother Planet.
4-5:30pm Emerging Peace: Conscious Conflict Resolution w/Gary Goodhue/Learn how to use specific communication tools to help resolve conflicts in your relationships and connections with others. We will explore how to create a specific type of atmosphere that creates a sense of mutual understanding, shared power and responsibility and creative agreements to move forward in creating a new space for more healthy interactions. There will be an informational section as well as a practice time for those that want to directly bring resolution into a conflict they are experiencing. Based on the Restorative Circle process and the principles of Unitive Justice.
6-7:30pm Open Space for Healers
8pm-until Sacred Tea Ceremony w/ Lana Roach


Featured Instructors:
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