Techniques of Ecstasy – Aerial Verde

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“Techniques of Ecstasy”

This workshop is an exploration for the next level of your ecstatic dance, contact improv or anywhere dance practice! Drawing from solo and group improvisation techniques, somatic practices, rhythmic cultural expressions from across the world and various energetic healing modalities, this class is sure to blow the lid off your dance practice and help you find the movements that desire to be expressed through your unique physical form.
We will discover ways of moving with and without music that expand our ability to move energy inside and out, to be more aware of the space and bodies around us and to find pathways to ecstatic expression for ourselves and the collective presence.

Joy Vita Verde and Aaron Water find inspiration from Chi Gung, yoga, contact improvisation, circus arts, traditional + cultural dance studies and universal intelligence to share their practiced, embodied and channeled movement magic. Joy and Aaron each have 20+ years of experience in body awareness and healing groove receiving, sharing and performing.
Their company Aerial Verde ( is an improvisational performance group specializing in public spontaneous ritual, ecstatic authentic expression and play fun for all ages.