Tea Temple at Wisdom Village/Host – Lilli

Admin 2019 Wisdom Village

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Community Circle

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You will find this Faerie Queen in the Temple of Tea at Wisdom Village throughout the festival… pouring, and mixing magical elixirs and concoctions right along with titrated doses of wisdom and joy.

Featured Instructors:

Lilli has been walking the Wise Woman Herbalist spiral path for 6 years, with 2 certifications in general herbalism and 1 certificate in community herbalism. Tonja Reichley helped to set Lilli on this path and has been her mentor, friend and mnemonic to the world of magick. Lilli has known herbs as medicine since she was a small child, with the encouragement of building that relationship by her father. She is applying her knowledge and friendships to create special, nourishing herb tea blends for the Arise Tea Temple.