Tea Party – Kye Larsen

Admin 2019 Kids Village

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Class Details:
I have created a space within the kids village to host a few workshops with my partner Britta. We will be erecting an “Alice in Wonderland” themed tea party tent where we will be hosting workshops where kiddos can craft and decorate tiny hats with the Mad Hatter. We will also be hosting tea time every day and prefacing the tea party with an elixir and tea class where we explore some of the flavors and benefits of herbal ingredients. We will be hosting a wand building workshop as well as some other creative design elements in the space.


I am an educator and workshop creator for the Rainbow Lightning kids village. I have been an artist and musician for my whole life. I began educating kiddos 10 years ago when I took a position with BSA. I participated in the LEAP program where we offered after school programs to scouts and allowed a creative space for kids to learn and explore their own interests. I worked along side of an amazing mentor who taught me various ways of creating space that was cultivating for kids to learn and not just learn to pass tests. This opened up a new opportunity and a newly opened facility Colorado Adventure Point. I began instructing rock climbing and outdoor adventure classes. I joined Taylor Martin at Arise in 2016 as an instructor for Rainbow Lightning where I hosted a series of STEM and outdoor type workshops. This year I have partnered with a friend to create an elaborate Alice in Wonderland type space to host creative workshops in within the kids village.