Talaya Renee Thomas

Admin 2019 Yoga

Breathe. Move. Pray.

Join Talaya for a fun & authentic flow. Breathe into your body and out of your mind. First we’ll start with breath work, move with awareness through our bodies, and finish with guided meditation. Talaya teaches a down to earth, come as you are, flowy & feel good practice with integrity that you don’t want to miss.


Talaya Thomas, founder of the Steamboat Movement Fest, entrepreneur, and visionary brings her light-hearted and positive presence to the yoga mat. Talaya was introduced to yoga as a young girl while growing up in Boulder, Co. She began teaching yoga in 2013. Over the years she has realized that yoga is more than the practice of asana and has witnessed the power, magic and benefits of a consistent practice both on and off the mat.

Talaya believes that through yoga we have the opportunity to open our hearts and recognize that the essence of our being is love. With practice we are able to love more, embrace each day, live in the moment, create joy and welcome every experience. Yoga! A beautiful way to help us create a world filled with loving kindness, compassion and love.

Delivered with strength and authenticity, her fun-filled classes are sure to make you shake, sweat and smile! Talaya hopes that her classes will help others experience for themselves what she already knows in her heart – from your mental to physical health, yoga can be one of the ultimate healers, yoga is peace, love, and self-acceptance. Her goal is to help others feel safe, supported, and free to be themselves.