Sydnie Ross

Admin 2019 Rock The Fest

Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Short Shorts is the ever evolving music project of tender queer Charli Rose Alexander (guitar/vocals) and Andrea Davis (drummer). With a firm belief that storytelling is built from the rhythm up, Charli and Dre write songs with Short Shorts bassist and resident zaddy, Chris Decatur. Together, they create songs that span from Charli’s personal journey in recovery to the fleeting moments of first flirtations and back again. No matter where you come from or where you’re heading, Short Shorts meets you where you are and holds a space for you on the dance floor with sincerity and unassuming charm.

A Short Shorts live show always packs a powerful one-two punch of playful irreverence and fierce vulnerability. Their stage presence is a force to behold, fueled by resilient joy, 90s witch films, everyday intimacies, and surprisingly fashionable combo of dad hats and overalls.

Their soon to be released freshman EP, “Hang-Ups”, offers the kind of queer quirk, wit, and sincerity that could only be born out of a glitter strewn drag garage

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