Sunrise Ranch

Admin 2016 Festival Sponsors

Sunrise Ranch honors Universal Being in all its forms—through people, through nature, and through all creation. They see this attitude of honor for Universal Being as the pivotal factor for the future of humanity.

Most of all, they honor and welcome the expression of Universal Being through themselves. Sunrise Ranch believes that this orientation in living is what opens the door for a full knowing of the wisdom and love that is within everyone. It is what lets the individual give their greatest gift to the world and know the greatest fulfillment that is possible for a human being.

All of Sunrise Ranch is dedicated as a teaching and demonstration site for this essential wisdom—both the inner knowing of Universal Being and the practical application of that knowing. This is why they practice and teach sustainable agriculture and farm-to-table food preparation. This is what is behind all the workshops, conferences, concerts and courses that they offer. They want each of us to grow consciously and spiritually by discovering the world’s positive energy, we’re enlightened by their mission, and are pleased to announce Sunrise Ranch as one of this year’s sponsors.