Stacy Pants

Admin 2019 Art & Installations

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What will be presented

As a child, Stacy was buried in her sketchbooks and whatever else she could draw on– creating colorful, vibrant characters and realities a far cry from her own. As she’s grown into adulthood, her skills have grown with her. Entirely self-informed with no formal teaching, she travels the world picking up fresh perspectives and leaving pieces of her vision as she goes. Beginning mostly with illustrations, murals, and paintings, she started bringing them to life in a live setting in 2012. Since then she’s branched out. Everything from running art galleries, fabricating costumes, performing with fire to designing, managing and building installations at music and art festivals across the U.S. Stacy has committed her life to altering the world around her, bringing her colorful, exciting, funky visions to reality and leaving her mark.