Slinky Manipulation – Slinky Josh

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Class Details:
Slinky Manipulation 101: The World’s Newest Flow Art

Slinky manipulation is the art of using one’s hands to send waves of energy through a slinky, often creating the illusion of defying gravity. Since 2014, it has been popularized in several viral videos.

In this playshop, participants will learn to turn their slinky into an energy beam that bounces from hand to hand, use their hands to create a slinky “escalator”, learn to make their slinky bounce off a target and back into their hand, and leave armed with everything they need to practice to become a slinky master! Blacklight-reactive rainbow slinkies will be provided for all participants, and will be available for purchase at the conclusion of the workshop.


Beatboxing 101: Rhythmic Mouthsounds

Did you know that you have one of the most versatile instruments on planet earth built into your own body?! Unlock the beat-making powers of your own voice in this workshop, and you’ll never need to worry about forgetting your bluetooth speaker again! Sounds covered will include two different kick drums and snares, hi-hat, crash cymbals, ‘dubstep’ bass, a turntable scratch, and more. You’ll also learn basic rhythms and the breath control you need to tie it all together and beatbox endlessly!


Slinky Josh was sent to Earth to bring joy and silliness back to its people using the power of his magical rainbow slinky! In addition to having created the world’s first English-language video tutorials on slinky manipulation, which have collectively been viewed over half a million times on YouTube, he has been featured on The Late Late Show With James Corden, ABC’s The Gong Show, MTV’s Amazingness, and Germany’s Got Talent. He lives in Louisville, CO, with his two ferrets, Nibbler and Slink.