Simple Easy Basic Solar Kit – John Ripley

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Class Details:
Simple Easy Basic Solar Kit

In this workshop we will learn about how to source, build, and maintain a basic solar kit that can be installed on a van, off grid cabin, or small trailer. The workshop will be broken down into three segments:
1. Product Sourcing – This section details the different components of the solar kit and websites they can be sourced from.
2. Build – This section details the wiring, housing, mounting, and placement of the solar kit.
3. Maintain – This section details the running, maintenance, and upkeep of the solar kit.


Event and film producer, art installation creator, cyr wheel performer, registered nurse, and solar advocate. While mastering his various talents Mr. Ripley lived and worked on several sustainability minded off grid resorts and properties such as Mystic Hot Springs, The Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch, and The Land in Moab. He has built greenhouses, solar dehydrators, water catchment system, cob structures, geothermal heating systems, and solar kits.