Sharkk Heartt

Admin 2019 Rock The Fest

Tucson, Arizona

Lara Ruggles writes and performs electronic pop songs as Sharkk Heartt. Some of them are anthems for equality, others are political commentary in the guise of a breakup song, and a few are fun, upbeat, feeling-herself songs or unabashedly-in-love songs. Ruggles plays keyboard, and sometimes electric guitar, and uses a midi pedal to trigger electronic sounds as she performs. The message is all about equality – Sharkk Heartt stands in support of the queer community, people of color, immigrants, people of all abilities and economic circumstances. Ruggles speaks across all of her platforms about working toward social justice and being an ally, and hopes to inspire others to feel like it is ok to speak up and be wrong and keep learning as long as we are taking action to make the world a better and kinder place for ALL of its people.

Before moving back to her hometown in Arizona, writing a collection of new songs, and starting to perform under new project name Sharkk Heartt in 2016, Ruggles released the EP “Out of an Eggshell” and full-length album “Cynics & Saints”, completed a dozen US tours, recorded a Daytrotter session, and won the Colorado Creative Industries Career Advancement Award. Since then, she has opened for LeAnn Rimes, toured with Andrea Gibson, and taught herself to use a suite of new software, sound samples, and performance tools to do all her own electronic music production, creating a full sound as a one-woman powerhouse keyboard player, vocalist, and production studio. Ruggles’ determination and persistence have aided her in times of need many artists know too well, and as a result, she has developed a well-rounded variety of skills, even learning to do her own car repairs in especially tough months. As Sharkk Heartt, her music celebrates fierce-hearted activism and encourages listeners to embrace emotionality, recognizing that strength and vulnerability are two sides of the same coin.

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