Sharanam Anandama

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Class Details:
Sharanam leads Spiritual Practices that demonstrate several branches of the Yoga Path, Including Pranayama (Breathing Practice), Nada Yoga, (Sound Practices), Japa Yoga (Mantra Practices), J’anna Yoga, (Philosophical Basis of Soul Liberation), Contemplations, Meditation, and Prayers. These practices accompanied by improvised live music played on his electric dulcimer Oceana. These sessions are inspirational, soothing, uplifting, and transcendental….and give the participants a view into the Real Purpose of yoga, which is to Free Oneself from Samsara, the long time cycle of birth and death that the Soul has become trapped in….and to Aim Ones Vision on Attaining Freedom, In The Infinite Realm of Light. Namaste…Sharanam


Sharanam Long Bio:

Sharanam Anandama born in San Francisco 1952.  Comes of age in the “Flower Power/Make Love Not War” Generation.  A very lucky early participant in original San Francisco psychedelic music era.  Passionate Vietnam war protester and Conscientious Objector, standing up against the war machine, and refusing to kill or be killed.  In 1973 at major concert at San Francisco’s famous Winterland, Sharnam came under the influence of the late great Maharaji Neem Karoili Baba via Ram Dass, aka: Richard Alpert and his original band, Amazing Grace, whose members include, Bhagvan Das, Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, and other early spiritual seekers.  At this auspicious meeting time and place Sharanam came involved with yoga, kirtan chanting,  meditation, and the philosophies of Eastern religions Hinduism and Buddhism.  From this point on Sharanam has been on The Spiritual Path, as a student, practitioner, musician, originator, and promoter of events featuring these arts.  Founder of The Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa California, and producer of countless other gatherings that promote World Peace, Spirituality, World Music and Culture.  In the present era, he produces, presents and facilitates spirituality practices at gatherings such as, Bhakti Fest, Shakti Fest, Beloved Festival, Oregon Country Fair, Good Medicine, Pranafest, and many others. In 2003 at age 50 as per Inner Direction of Maharaji Neem Karoli Baba, he was directed to meet his Living Guru, Mata Amritananda Mayi Ma, aka: The Hugging Saint of India, and has been under direct care and protection ever since then.  The name Sharanam Anandama is a Sanskrit phrase that means” i take Sanctuary, Refuge and Protection in the Name Of, The Mother of Infinite Divine Bliss”  In the modern era he leads meditation, Bhakti Yoga, and musical practices. Sharanam delivers Dharma Transmission, discourse on the subject of finding one’s Dharma, that is the individual Spiritual Path that will lead to the Liberation of Soul from samsara, the endless wheel of birth and death.  His “prayerformances” are accompanied by improvised live music played on his electric dulcimer Oceana. These sessions are inspirational, soothing, uplifting, and transcendental. Namaste…Sharanam