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Class Details:
Community Circle

It does a soul good to sit in the presence of friends. Satsang is a term that originates from India, however it has been occurring everywhere around the world as soon as humans began to wonder about themselves and ask the deeper questions about who they are, why they are here. Gather here to dive into the truth of your being and why you are here, now, in these times. “Sat” means Truth of Self, “Sang” to gather, listen and assimilate discourses on the Knowledge of Being.

About AumRak ~

As a Time-Keeper of the Sacred Mayan Calendar, an initiated Mayan priestess and a High Priestess of Melchisedek: I am here to serve the planet and humanity as an instrument in service of the living God/Goddess – to harmonize the energies of the four direction and activate vortexes for healing.

As a Teacher and interpersonal psychologist ~ I offer workshops and seminars everywhere I go. I believe in sharing the knowledge I have accumulated in order to empower people to choose a path of enlightenment, to live a life of purpose and in pursuit of happiness and spiritual unity.
Guidance. I enjoy working personally with people I meet along my path. From readings to Shamanic journies and personal meetings, I have helped support people on the spiritual path to discover how to use their gifts and talents to pursue a life of purpose and harmony.