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prospect, Connecticut

Indie singer-songwriter Roy Halim is a study in contradictions. From the raspy, raw emotion of his own songs to the smoothness of his pop and rock covers, Roy defies labels and scoffs boundaries. Accomplished at mixing grit and polish, he invites listeners in for a very personal array of songs on love, life, loss, redemption and joy. Think of the emotional stylings of Chester Bennington of Linkin Park and Morrissey, with a hint of Ed Sheeran – Roy’s that unique.

Contradictions have always been a part of Roy’s journey. As a first-generation American and the gay son of Muslim Albanian immigrants, Roy should feel like the quintessential outsider. But, instead, he has focused his music on creating community and nurturing inspiration and connectedness among his fans.
Roy began singing at the age of 4 and learned the trumpet by 10. In high school, he became fascinated with percussion, including but not limited to: xylophone, marimba, and the timpani. But when he taught himself to play the guitar at 16, as a singer/songwriter, he found his instrument of choice. He joined his first band at 15, as the lead, and joined his second band, Love Without Limits at 16. That year, he won Demi Lovato’s anti-bullying campaign “Love is Louder” and wrote a Single, Day by Day, that was featured on MTV.com. By 17, he was in a band called M.A.T., in which he was a rhythm guitarist, featured in the Glamour Kills Festival. He was also a finalist in auditions for Season 8 of America’s Got Talent.
While he loved being part of a band, Roy discovered he has truly enjoyed performing as a soloist even more. In 2014, he released Mindless, a collection of 4 songs, and then followed up with new singles almost every year. His current EP release, Thoughts in Sound, features 5 new songs, inspired by a year of travel, love, landing in a dark space, and re-emerging stronger than before.

Making contradictions work together, the outsider bringing listeners in, telling the intimate details of his own journey, Roy has the musical chops and the type of originality most musicians can only dream of… And at 24, his best is yet to come.

“With so many dime-a-dozen pop stars enjoying their flash in America’s pan on the radio these days, Halim likes to keep his audience guessing. After all, striving for originality is a Roy Halim rule.” – Outsmart Magazine

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