Rhythmic Remedy

Admin 2019 Rock The Fest

martin, Georgia

RHYTHMIC REMEDY is a collective music group out of the Applachian mountains of North Georgia. Originally made up of two members, Jordy Pierson and Adam Hogan, Rhythmic Remedy came to life in a truly authentic manner in the north Atlanta suburbs. With the addition of Kaleb Jones , Nathan Riemenschneider, and Jeff Hamrick all members of the group are passionate musicians who randomly crossed paths while perusing their individual musical dreams, or are lifelong frends. From the first measure they jammed the group began making a true musical connection. Upon exchanging more songs with one another, they decided to combine their individual projects and form what’s known today as Rhythmic Remedy. Through influences such as reggae, folk, blues, funk, jam and rock, their sound has taken an original path and is exciting to watch evolve. Their songs focus primarily on the positive change that the group wish to see in the world through emphasizing the importance of world unity, spiritual growth, acceptance of diversity, and most important, respect for Mother Earth. All members rotate between guitar, hand percussion, drums, ukulele, vocals, bass, etc. With the combination of passion, ambition, and determination, Rhythmic Remedy hopes to inspire, as well as be inspired, through the lessons that can be found within music. Here’s to good vibes and musical healing!

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