Rhythm Sanctuary Ecstatic Dance with DJ Orpheus and Ahva Lenay

Admin 2018 Music

Start your day in the ecstatic waves we cocreate as we come together to dance our prayers in a potent portal of passion, play, and raucous revelry! Sweat your prayers! Bring your water bottle, and dress to move!

DENNIS WEIGEL AKA DJ ORPHEUS has been spinning tribal and ethnic electronica around the Denver and Boulder area since 2008. Inspired by the ecstatic dance movement and transformational festival culture, his sets take listeners on a vast inner journey; massaging the mind, expanding the heart and moving the body by blending several dance music genres including psy-bass, glitch hop, tribal house, and trance. Using music that is at times both deep and primal, and others hypnotic and ethereal, he provides a full range of experience for dancers. DJ Orpheus is known to craft soundscapes using music laced with cultural instruments and vocals, thick danceable beats, tribal drumming, and cutting edge electronica. He believes that music and dance are essential to individual and global transformation and is passionate about sharing his discoveries of ever evolving musical styles from around the globe.
AHVA LENAY is a powerful and vibrant community activator, founder of Rhythm Sanctuary, Ceremony Coordinator and Wisdom Village Director at ARISE Music Festival, founding member of Startribe Alliance and devoted Facilitator Trainer for Unitive Justice.