Quantum Flower Power – Sara Jane Taylor

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Class Details:
Quantum Flower Power

Clinical Herbalist Sara Jane Taylor will discuss the relation of quantum physics and flower essences and how they are intertwined in the same medium, the ethers. Find out how flower essence medicine relates to the cosmos through its vibrational effects on the chakras, meridians,& aura. This experiential class begins in the evening and will entail short meditations with flower essences and Floracopeia essential oils.


Sara is passionate about teaching Plant Medicine and loves to educate the world on Flower Essences.
She highlights this area of botanical, vibrational medicine when teaching at herb schools, music & healing arts festivals, and community events.
SJ’s medicine path & healing journey came into fruition as she studied to become a Certified Clinical Herbalist with a background in Holistic Nutrition, Earth Centered Herbalism,
Ethical Wildcrafting, Vibrational Medicine & Medicine Making with medicinal plant knowledge in TCM, Ayurveda, & Western Herbalism.