Acro Yoga 101 – Peter Holben (Circus Collective)

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Class Details:

Acro Yoga 101

Explore a whole new style of yoga with this playful practice that combines the wisdom of Yoga, the excitement of Acrobatics, and the healing elements of Thai Massage into one fun workshop! In this class you will learn several beginner friendly L-basing Acro Yoga poses that will foster a greater feeling of self-worth, gratitude, and connection among community. No experience or partners required. 

Acro Yoga: Counterbalances

Ground in to this beginner friendly workshop and learn the art of balance. Use the power of communication and teamwork to overcome gravity and reach new shapes. Lean in, pour onto, and receive weight from a partner and discover a whole new level of alignment. No experience or partners required. 


Peter Holben is the founder of Circus Collective in Denver, CO. Peter is a passionate adventurer and shares his love of movement to build community around the world. Specializing in Unicycle Acrobatics, Peter enjoys combining movement modalities to foster playfulness and creative expression. On rest days Peter applies his expertise as a CPA to help creative entrepreneurs master their business and flourish.