Party Guru Productions

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party-guruOver the last 5 years, Party Guru Productions has grown to become a major contributor to the Colorado music and nightlife scene. Party Guru’s mission is simple, “we only produce and promote events that we would be excited to attend ourselves.”

This formula has caused Party Guru to become very diverse and unique. Party Guru is involved in nearly every genre of music imaginable ranging from hip hop to jam bands, EDM to heavy metal and everything in between.

If you’re attending a Party Guru concert, you can always count on hearing nothing but highest quality of music coming through Colorado. In addition to concerts and festivals, Party Guru also produces some of the most wild and unique parties and special events in the entire state. If you have yet to attend one, you haven’t truly experienced Colorado nightlife. Partying is our business…and business is good!

ARISE loves having the support of the masters of the nightlife at Party Guru as a Media Sponsor.