Pamela Symphony

Lake Atitlan, California

Cellist and Composer from Berklee School of Music.
Pamela Symphony shares her Cello music looping mantras and tribal music, also singing and using percutions that transmit her Mayan background from Lake Atitlan Guatemala. Songs are in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Japanese, and Kackchikel (Mayan lenguaje).

Pamela Symphony has performed in Envision Festival, Cosmic Convergence, Magic Festival and also shared in Cacao Seremonies and Sound Healing in collaboration with Root Flute from Colorado. She also has performed in concerts in Europe, Latina America and US with cello looping, with the propose of sharing the Mayan wisdom with this magical sound.

This proposal would be powerful to share in Starwater Stage, and it would include some serenonial cacao from Guatemala.

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