Opening Ceremony – Crescent Dance Project

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Crescent Dance Project Vision
The Sacred Dance of Mars and Venus:
Inspired by the archetypes and astrological influences of Mars and Venus, this exploration of duality, balance, and harmony will take us on a creative journey into the expressions of the divine male and female principles through dance. During the weekend of Arise 2019, Mars, Venus, and the Sun are all conjunct in Leo, a beautiful time to explore and express these qualities with each other for the healing of all.

CDP Vision Statement:
Crescent Dance Project is an open community of dancers that offers a unique expression of tribal fusion dance, delving into the realms of prayerformance and sacred ritual dance. Directed by tribal fusion bellydancer Abby Moon, women of all dance backgrounds come together to create works that explore astrology, sacred geometry, and deity archetypes in our dance formations and characterizations. We believe dance is a medium through which we can channel and express our connection to the divine and creative source. While in her crescent state, the moon is in a state of flux and growth. We adopt this symbol of change and transition to honor the growth potential in each dancer, both physically and spiritually as we create art & magic together through movement. Find out more here:

Featured Instructors:

Abby Moon is a tribal fusion bellydancer currently living in Denver, CO. In 2000 she grew her roots in American Tribal Style Bellydance while studying with Portland’s Gypsy Caravan, then moved to NYC in 2004 where she helped establish the emerging tribal bellydance scene there. In New York Abby danced with Alchemy Tribal Collective, P.U.R.E. (Public Urban Ritual Experiment), Solstice Tribe, and LUNARIS, performing at festivals and venues across the country with those troupes for 11 years. After moving to Colorado in 2015, Abby started Crescent Dance Project, and has performed with her company and as a soloist locally and internationally. Abby teaches a weekly tribal fusion bellydance class in Denver, as well as a variety of workshop series exploring spiritual themes through dance. Her unique style of tribal fusion bellydance is inspired by ritual and sacred dance expressions grounded in tribal electronic music, and her choreographies use symbolic movements reflecting her interest in astrology, deity archetypes, and sacred geometry. Connect with her here: