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Admin Press Reviews 2016

Arise Music Festival’s eighth year was nothing short of passionate, creative and completely unified. There was no service on Sunrise Ranch, but a way deeper connection was found throughout attendees.

The fields began filling early Friday morning with a line of anticipated festival goers waiting to Arise to their fullest potential not only as music fans, but to thrive as a collective throughout the grounds.

The opening ceremony began and the cohesive chanting and drumming strode down through vendor row. Making a brief stop right before entering the concert bowl, the leader of the pact surrounded by a circle of attendees spoke and established tradition, connectivity and offering throughout the land. Touching briefly on Brazilian tradition and producing a unified chant, people began to feel the power of harmony that Arise brought to the table. The group making their way down to the concert bowl in front of the main stage formed a bigger circle enclosing white goddesses that began their synchronized routine to the organic sound of string, flute and percussion.

Offering water to the sky and conducting a prayer to the land, Arise Music Festival couldn’t have begun on a more integrated front.

After the opening ceremony, Dustin Thomas kicked off music with his soul folk and cognizant lyrics preaching and spreading love to perfectly ignite Arise.

photo by Sam Silkworth