Ninja Kids Parkour and Circus Skills – Chris Hopper

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Class Details:
Ninja Kids Parkour and Circus Skills
Join Chris Hopper for workshops in parkour and circus skills! Kids (and adults) will get to learn empowering movements and skills which enable greater freedom of expression, coordination, focus, balance, strength, flexibility, and mobility.
Parkour workshops will focus on the art of overcoming obstacles and the art of falling through running, jumping, crawling, balancing, vaulting, rolling, and more!
Circus skills will focus on ground skills including juggling, diabolo (chinese yo-yo), flower sticks, spinning plates, walking globe, balance boards, and stilts.
Come join the fun!


Chris Hopper was born and raised in Boulder Colorado where he grew up as a gymnast, pianist, juggler, and skier with a passion for nature and the mountains.

As an adult, he took an alternative path of adventure following his free spirit back into nature where he backpacks and mountain climbs and enjoys the incredible beauty of Mother Earth. He also began to realize his love of teaching and inspiring kids in hopes of sharing skills and values which impacted his life and which he believes can help reunite humans and inspire soul-guided life giving and loving passion and connectedness – rejoicing in the diversity of humans develops self love, personal freedom, and love for each other’s uniqueness.

He taught gymnastics for 3 years and continues to teach life skills through the mediums of piano, parkour, circus skills, and mentoring. He also continues to play music with various bands and original solo piano compositions.