Music! – Wild Faith

Admin 2019 Kids Village

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Class Details:
Touching into the authentic soul of music, Leonardo will be bringing the songs of Wild Faith to the Rainbow Lightning. The performance shows the depths of inspiration and the beauty available when making everyday a work of art.

Get ready to move and feel what’s true in this moment at any age.


With roots in folk and soul, Wild Faith traverses diverse musical soundscapes derived from an intention to re-wild the human spirit. If you start questioning what our society tells you to be and start listening from a deeper place, a realignment with the natural world starts to take place. Once this shift begins you start to trust it and put faith in this sense of deeper knowing beyond anything anyone can ever tell you.

Musically, Wild Faith navigates vulnerability with care and presence through use of visual lyrics, dynamic vocals and superb guitar accompaniment. Wild Faith creates engaging, dynamic shows that in moments have an audience dancing and in the next or same can have them in tears. Every show is different and Leonardo’s ability to cypher and compose in the flow ensures every experience is once in a lifetime.