Modern Yoyo 101 – Steven Knabe

Admin 2019 Kids Village

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Class Details:
Modern Yoyo 101 is open to kids and adults of all ages and yoyo’s will be provided for you to use! Everyone will be able to learn at their own pace and enjoy playing with yoyo’s together. you will learn the basics of throwing and catching a yoyo and then the sky is the limit! Everyone who shows up wanting to learn will be able to progress through as many tricks as they can handle; from the basic sleeper to advanced tricks seen in the Wold Yoyo Contest. Come yoyo with us!


Hello , I’m Steve and I love to yoyo. I rediscovered yoyo’s in college as a great way to get away from my screens and challenge myself in a low pressure environment. I have now been yoyoing for 8 years and teaching at Colorado’s music festivals for the last 3. I cant wait to show you how awesome yoyo’s can be!