Take the hooks from the best music of the 1960s, hand them over to an EDM outfit with a couple good singers/guitarists, and you would get MISCOMUNICADO. MISCOMUNICADO is a Fort Collins-based EDM/Psychadelic Rock fusion band that originates from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. MISCOMUNICADO distinctly takes its cues from ‘60s rock, remixing the sound to a dance beat. That’s not to say they just sample the hits Baby Boomers will talk your ear off about; vocalists Dan Scott Forreal and James Thor are also guitarists, and very good ones at that. (Forreal also works the keys while Thor is also a bassist.) Luke Barone, credited as “Live Sound Director,” takes Forreal’s and Thor’s work and gives it a futuristic vibe with the electronic beats and sampling of various sources. MISCOMUNICADO’s life performance is likened to a once-in-a-lifetime jam session between a DJ and a pair of guitarists/singers.
MISCOMUNICADO’s latest album, Fun-Land Express is worth listening to from start to finish, and makes for an even better live experience thanks to live visual projection by skEYEfi; MISCOMUNICADO has shared the stage with acts such as G. Love and Special Sauce, The Werks, Twiddle, Dopapod, Mikey Thunder, MOD SUN and many more! Thriving off of an energetic crowd and never playing the same set twice, MISCOMUNICADO is an experience that everyone needs to see to understand.