Mike Wird the 33rd Octave

Admin 2019 Rock The Fest

Denver, Colorado

Hiphop arts renaissance man,the artist’s artist. Mike Wird is known for his highly provocative content and potent stage presence, he has shared the stage with numerous world-renown music recording artists and live performance touring artists. A family man, educator, performer, presenter, entrepreneur, investor, business owner, B-boy, DJ, Emcee, producer, recording artist, natural wholistic health and wellness advocate and sustainable/regenerative living practitioner, an earthship biotect, systems thinker, natural builder and permaculturalist. Co-founder of the companies New Prosper Life LLC and Regenerative Adventures LLC. ecological, financial and social/cultural stewardship companies. Mike is a global and local sustainability “eco” Hiphop movement community consultant, spokesperson and liason. His self empowering messages and work disrupt our normal patterns of feeling stuck as a disservice to life and create a sense of wonder for those ready to embark on an epic adventure, a journey into the depths of heart, mind, soul, and spirit. After an encounter with Mike Wird “the 33rd Octave” you emerge with a new sense of purpose and enlightenment.

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