Mark Henson (Sacred Light Studio)

Admin 2019 Art & Installations

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What will be presented

Presentation descriptions: what do you think? Choose one?

1. Depth Perception- we will discuss the use of perspective in image making. We will explore ways to bring a sense of depth to your artwork, using traditional techniques of one. two, and three-point perspective, and we will also learn about atmospheric depth, creating the illusion of distance using color.

2, Decalcomania- we wil use a technique commonly used by the surrealists to create organic, fluid textures that can be used as the basis for more elaborate imagery evolution. We will look at several ways to make these interesting abstract textures, and work them up into more recognizable imagery.

3. Ebru- the art of marbling. We will learn some traditional paper marbling techniques fro the middle east. We will create beautiful, swirling psychedelic mixes of color that can be applied to paper, canvas or even t-shirts or on your skin!