Marissa Muzaca

Admin 2019 Performance Art

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Class Details:
PrayerDance is a class-emony. It’s a guided somatic ceremony facilitated within a sacred circle to open up individuals to their own unique relationship with the power of dance, more so as a way to move energy than to look pretty- but the cool part about that is that when you don’t care what it looks like and you’re just telling a story and allowing Source energy to clear and clean your energy field through the medium of dance, it looks spectacular <3


IxStar the Muze is a Prayer-Dancer and a Ceremonial Guide. She has a deep connection with the power of dance, not only as a gorgeous, juicy, get-down like you’ve never gotten down in your life performance-but also as a way to move big, beautiful energy through a crowd, transmit blessings and prayer to individuals, and inspire people witnessing her dance to engage with and actively participate in the magical experience of being at a live music performance <3