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Class Details:
Workshop, Ceremony

Group Mission: We are here to create and hold a safe container for education, healing, growth, and connectivity in the sacred space of Wisdom Village.

Classes & Lectures

Vibrational Reality Lecture (Saturday 1pm) – Sunjay – 60 minutes
This channeled lecture will be all about living in a vibrational reality; what that means, how to understand it, and how to navigate it. Showcasing how viewing life in terms of vibration can be incredibly useful in many facets of one’s journey.

Chakra and Prana Lecture (Saturday 11 am) – Pratosh -60 minutes
An in-depth look into the workings of the seven chakra system and a detailed explanation of how the three main nadi channels link to the rest of the body and how prana flows through them.

E.T Origins of Human DNA Lecture (Sunday 10 am) Pratosh – 60 minutes
A gander into the many civilizations which have potentially affected the DNA of the human species and a brief lesson in Galactic History.

Boundaries Class (Saturday 4pm) – Caitlyn – 90 minutes
In this class, you will learn how to feel out your own boundaries and others. Along with learning how to strengthen your own through sound, confidence, and inner strength.

The Art of Sacred Containers (Friday 4 pm) – Caitlyn – 60 minutes
This class is about setting up and maintaining containers for any medicine consumption that will keep you safe, grounded, and present through the experience and help you integrate what you’re learning.

Psychic Abilities (Saturday 2 pm) – Kallan – 90 minutes
Learn to harness your clairsenses in this 90-minute immersion of all things psychic! This class includes part lecture and demo, part hands-on practice with partners!

Hot Seat Channeling Lecture (Sunday 11 am) – Kallan – 90 minutes
Kallan will be channeling her 12th-dimensional cosmic being in this fun 90-minute interactive class. It will begin with a lecture on current events and relevant downloads and then hold space at the end for Q&A. Come get your burning life questions answered in this fun, transformational event.

Group Sessions

Chakra Meditation (Saturday 9 am) – Sunjay – 30 minutes
In this group guided meditation, you will be taken through a series of mudras and sound tonings to clear and charge each of your seven main energy centers.

Sound Baths (Saturday 9:30 am) – Sunjay – 30 minutes
During these sound baths, individuals will experience a clearing of energies that no longer serve or belong and a charging of their own energy centers.

Pranayam (Saturday 8am) – Pray – 60 minutes
Group breathwork following traditional Pranayama techniques.

Auric Field Reprogramming (Friday whenever first time slot is able to take place) – Kallan – 60 minutes
Group clearing exercise that starts off with intention setting and takes the group through an activation to reprogram the field of the group.

Battery Charging (Sunday 9 am)- Sunjay & Pray – 45 minutes
Partner based chakra meditation. Two people lay down in a line with their crowns together. We will walk them through a guided chakra toning meditation while synchronizing with one another in breath and sound.

Individual Sessions (by request)

1:1 Sound Healings – Sunjay – 30 min

Reiki Sunjay and Pray (dual sessions or individual) – 30 min

Pineal Gland Rod Recalibration – Pray – 15 min

Cranial Sacral/Quantum Touch – Pray – 20 min

1:1 Merkaba Activations – Pray – 30 min

5 Star Solar Plexus Release – Caitlyn – 60 minutes

Boundary Healings – Caitlyn – 60 minutes

Auric Field ReCoding – Kallan – 60 minutes

Oracle Card & Psychic Readings – Kallan – 45 minutes

Featured Instructors:
Sunjay: Reiki 2 and sound healing instructor certified with 13 years of experience in the field, light switch activation trained, and has been working in mentorship under community elders for 3 years. Sunjay also grew up in the D.C. Metropolitan Area and moved out to Colorado in 2014. Throughout his life, he experienced a high level of duality with being brought up with both American and Indian cultural backgrounds. Through the years he has found a deep understanding and balance in himself by blending his own internal differences, which is what makes him such a potent coach and healer. For the past six years, Sunjay has held the vision for a community-created retreat center and has deeply enjoyed the process of watching the people fall into place. A fun fact about Sunjay is that he enjoys the natural balance of chaos and organization. You can often find him at Rhythm Sanctuary playing in ecstatic dance or making music for others to celebrate with and enjoy.

Pratosh: B.S. in Biochemistry, Journeyman Carpenter certified, holder of three blackbelts, reiki level 2 certified, trained in quantum touch, and has been working under mentorship with community elders for 3 years. Pratosh (Pray) was raised in the D.C. Metropolitan Area but moved out to Colorado in 2015. His potent combination of an analytical mind and an ethereal, creative brain makes him an amazing educator and healer in our community. He has mastery of both science and meta-science that helps him explain to clientele about how and why these new age healing practices work as significantly as they do. A fun fact about Pray is that he can explain the inner workings of pretty much any subject you throw at him. You can often find him nose-deep in research on galactic history or reading books on mysteries of the occult.

Kallan: Owner & Founder of Gobeyouniverse, B.S. Degree in Psychology, certified Health & Life coach, 4 years experience in professional psychic services, 3 years training in meditation and channeling connection, 1 year experience in medicine ceremony facilitation & entity removal. Born and raised in the DC Metropolitan Area, Kallan always knew she was psychically connected. When she left for school at the College of Charleston in 2011, she deepened her understanding of the intricate workings of human potential through her studies in psychology. This combination birthed Kallan into her potential as a spirituality coach and healer for the community when she moved to Colorado in 2018. A fun fact about Kallan is she has abnormally high IQ and EQ ratings which makes her highly personable and deeply understanding of individuals’ roles in the big-picture universal plan. You can often find Kallan out and about in community, making new connections and deep relationships with every person she meets.

Caitlyn: Owner & Founder of Pure Magical Love, 4 years of training under community elders in medicine ceremonies and entity removal/transmutation, 3 years experience with home clearings, training in several activations including twin-flame quasar, hara, solar plexus release, and much more. Born in Canada but raised in Colorado, this witchy woman started stepping fully into her power after a traumatic but potent activation she received in a medicine journey back in 2012. Since then, she has been diligently following the calling of the divine, training and walking her path to hold and facilitate medicine ceremonies, remove and transmute entities, and so much more. A fun fact about Caitlyn is that she LOVES a clean space, whether that’s spiritual, physical, or energetic. She can often be found tidying up and making sure that anyone in her orb is comfortable, happy, and well nourished.