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Class Details:
Friday morning at 11AM Malahakam will share galactic downtempo grooves, creating a space for exploratory movement and expression, prayerful flow, and intention setting to open the weekend.

Saturday evening at 9PM she will curate a prayerful journey of deep global electronica and tribal medicine house beats, casting a space for us to celebrate our world, our bodies, and each other as sacred.


Malahakam has always carried a great passion and love for music since she was a child. Beginning her path as a dancer, where movement became her deepest prayer, she was naturally and organically led into DJing and exploring electronic music production. She weaves a numinous sonic field of Global Electronica, Shamanic Bass, and Deep Tribal Medicine House featuring voices from around the world, ethereal melodies, psychedelic undertones and liberating frequencies – inviting us to heal and explore with curiosity the landscapes of our dreams through movement and dance. She is dedicated to curating sacred experiences for ecstatic dances, intentional gatherings, high vibe festivals, breath-work journeys, and meditative yoga flows. By cultivating sacred space with musical vibrations and deep prayer Malahakam sets the stage for dancing our dreams into lucidity.