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Admin 2019 Performance Art

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Class Details:

Our fire dancing style is based on a blend of different dance styles, martial arts, object manipulation, and theatrical concepts. We strive to be multifaceted and adaptable to a variety of contexts in order to best bring to life a theme or mood, whether playful, dramatic, sensual, or ceremonial. Our intention is to apply classic dance choreography, presentation, and storytelling to modern fire dancing and circus performing arts to create a tight, technical, and highly entertaining show.


Lumina Entertainment is a tight-knit crew of multi-talented artists, fusing technical skill with theatricality and grace to create context-specific entertainment that is captivating and inspiring. We bring together elements of modern circus arts and dance in our choreographed shows as well as our free-form performances that bring the theme to life and express emotion to and with the crowd. We’ve illuminated stages and audiences across the country and beyond, paying special attention to storytelling, suspense, performer interplay, unique costuming, and the conversation between artist and spectator. We share our passion in every move.

We have been performing professionally since 2008, and have performed at Envision Festival (2018), Wanderlust (CA, 2009), Lightning in a Bottle (CA, 2010), Earthdance (FL, 2011), Sonic Bloom (CO, 2015-2019), Arise Music Fest (CO, 2015-2019), and Okeechobee Music Fest (FL, 2016). Additionally, we have performed at many corporate events, yoga festivals, art festivals, renaissance fairs, city events, charity fundraisers, banquets, and more. We collaborate to make visually impressive, graceful, and synergistic creations.