Love Lyzardz

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San Francisco, California

American Americana recording artist the Love Lyzardz are a San Francisco based music duo whose eclectic style evokes the art and philosophy of the late 60’s early 70’s rock movement. It is a hypnotic blend of rock, folk, psychedelic and classical music that is at the same time hauntingly beautiful, patriotic and whimsical.

Our Story:

The “Love Lyzardz” story begins in October 2014 when lead vocalist and violinist Reign Diamonds accepted a casual invitation to jam from guitarist and songwriter Johnny Saffire. These jam sessions produced several beautiful new songs and a songwriting team was formed. After many long hours rehearsing, their musical style, image and philosophy began to take shape and the “Love Lyzardz” music duo was born.

Inspired by the psychedelic sounds of the late 60’s (The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin) and the folk rock of the early 70’s (Bob Dylan, Gram Parsons, America). The “Love Lyzardz” art first approach to music seeks to revive an era of music that was free from corporate influence or popular music trends. As an authentic expression of their spiritual self, the music they create is always 100% “Love Lyzardz”.

After performing for the past three years in and around the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and Phoenix. The “Love Lyzardz” released its first four-song demo in the summer of 2017 which coincidentally, aligned with the 50th Anniversary of the 1960’s Summer of Love. Most recently, the Love Lyzardz filmed, produced and released its first full length music video and were featured twice in Voyage Phoenix an online life styles magazine. The Love Lyzardz released their first official single “Winds of War” in December 2018 and are currently recording material for their first album American Doll.

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