Life is Perfect Radiance Flowing Through Your Mind – Javier Sloninsky

Admin 2019 Workshops

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Class Details:

Join Javier, co-founder of Living Flow, for meditation and discussion on what a true pathway to enlightenment looks like in today’s world. We are living in difficult times where it can be really hard to get through the day, let alone find a road to higher consciousness! But the enlightenment traditions have given us powerful tools that allow us to use extremely difficult and negative situations as springboards into enlightened states of consciousness. We will explore how the inner light of consciousness creates our awareness and how we can learn to perceive it directly in everyday life so that it transforms us completely.


Javier has been a UC Berkeley drop out, a highly successful technology entrepreneur, a startup advisor, angel investor, and for over 25 years, an inner explorer on the pathway to enlightenment. He studied enlightenment with Rama, a modern-day American enlightened master, and today is dedicated to passing on what he learned from his teacher and his own experiences to help transmit higher consciousness to anyone who’s interested.