Prana Vinyasa: Sringara Rasa – Kristin McHarg

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Class Details:
Prana Vinyasa: Sringara Rasa – Move the Way Love Moves.
Experience the alchemical shift within your being as we mirror the gentle sway of late summer through a heart centered vinyasa practice that expresses the rhythm and flow of love. Through circular and curving movements, music that bends and sways, mantras, mudras and pranayama we will awaken the inner mystic and release the nectar within.

Prana Vinyasa is a method of yoga where the sequencing reflects the natural flow of energy itself in a wave format. The class builds from the foundation of a posture and develops in complexity and intensity before subsiding into an integrative and peaceful finish. Expect a transformative experience, allowing natural, evolutionary shifts in mind, spirit and body to occur within this class. You will cultivate inner and outer strength, fluidity, skill, intuition, vital energy and relaxed being.


Kristin Taylor, Telluride, Colorado native and US freestyle ski team qualifier at age 18, discovered yoga as a pathway to self-healing. Through yoga, she has experienced an expansive and ecstatic awakening grounded in self acceptance. Kristin Taylor, 500hr RYT in Prana Vinyasa Yoga® with Shiva Rea, includes 150 hrs of Living Ayurveda training with Maria Garré and supplemental Ayurvedic studies with Balarama Chandra Das. She assists and teaches at teacher trainings with Shiva Rea and Monica Mesa as well as Prana Vinyasa immersions in California and Colorado. Co-owner of the Telluride Yoga Center, Kristin has a strong foundation and background in Ashtanga yoga, studying in Mysore, India and with well known teachers such as Richard Freeman, Tim Miller, Annie Pace, Victoria Laws and Ajay Kumar. She also has spent time studying with Senior Iyengar teacher Nancy Stechert. She has recently completed a nine month program in the arts of the Sacred Feminine with Jumana Sophia.
Inspired and enchanted by sacred movement, ritual and wisdom practices, her intention is to hold space for students to experience the clarity and empowerment of unifying intelligence. She aspires to create a safe container for healing and alignment to allow her students the opportunity to repair their relationship with their inner and outer world and to begin to build an environment for their own self-love and appreciation for the embodiment of sacred energy.