Kaylon Grimsley

Admin 2019 Rock The Fest

Lawrence, Kansas

TetraFuze started this musical journey in the spring of 2018 with only some guitar riffs and the idea to record an album. With four members who differ in many different ways, from musical background and influences to playing styles, it is hard to define this band as one true genre or subgenre. Landon grew up with classic thrash and grunge being his huge influences; Tyler has influences across the board from Jazz to Breaking Benjamin; Kaylon has a background of alternative influences including Muse and Arctic Monkeys, and Travis being inspired by Tool and Three Days Grace to pick up the bass.

Tyler is currently a student at Pittsburgh State University, and Landon is a finance major at the University of Kansas. Despite having hectic schedules during fall and spring semesters, coming together to fuze their four different playing styles is always a priority.

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