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KatsüK is a conscious world folk fusion rock group with an infectious tribal ethereal pop atmosphere that feels like an epic cinematic soundscape. Created by composer/performer Daniel Katsük who recently starred in Denver’s The Portal: A Modern Shamanic Journey, voice actor for Cartoon Network and former member of Spoonfed Tribe, the group KatsüK is a fiercely prolific, dynamic and exhilarating musical experience replete with movements ranging from folk to rock to reggae to raga to funk and soul to highly charged percussive eruptions to sweet and melodious symphonic textures. “One of the best things about this band is their live performance. They create an atmosphere that envelops the listener like a wall of sound one does not want to escape from. They are powerful performance artists who weave smoky, woodsy vocals into elemental guitar melodies, harmonies, and percussion” ~Fort Worth Texas Magazine~

“Weaving together an impressively thick sonic tapestry,” Fort Worth-based KatsüK and their “massive Middle Eastern sound” call to mind both “Dead Can Dance and acoustic Led Zeppelin.” ~Harder Beat Magazine~